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Our Story


"One of the best-kept dining secrets, not just in Sunnybank, but greater Brisbane."

- Google review

We began our journey in mid-2015 that culminated with our opening on September 19th. Our goal was to bring something different to the south side of Brisbane. Growing up with our Asian heritage in western culture, we wanted to meld both flavours together in our own way. We started humbly with typical Asian flavours. As the years have gone by, we have grown and experimented with a wide range of different flavours from all parts of Asia.


Since our opening, we have had a lot of support from across Brisbane. When we first opened, we thought that we would only cater to the south siders, but through the years we have met many people from all over Brisbane and even further.


Working through COVID-19, we cannot express how thankful we are for the continuing support of our wonderful customers and friends. We are thankful for all our returning customers whether it be weeks, months or years between your visits.


We hope to see you all for many years to come; we also look forward to building new connections and meeting new people. We hope everyone can continue to enjoy our food and service as we continue with this journey of ours.

Cindy & Max

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